Construction Debris Removal

Scrap Metal - Jersey City NJ

Debris Removal in Jersey City NJ!

Jersey City Junk Removal Pros understands your needs when it comes to your construction, remodeling, or complete demolition project.

We are experts at handling steel, wood, and concrete, offer a custom solution:

  • One-time or scheduled pickups for the length of the project.
  • Cost-effective, efficient and eco-friendly construction waste disposal.

We remove all kinds of construction and demolition waste, including:

  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Flooring
  • Shingles
  • Windows
  • Floorboards
  • Plasterboards
  • Concrete
  • Tiling

Whatever your needs or size of the job, we are here to assist you in making the smoothest transition towards the removal of your debris. Call us today for a free no-obligation, no-hassle quote.